Professional Boundaries in the NDIS Workplace

“To provide high-quality service in the disability sector, NDIS workers are required to demonstrate professional boundaries”. Enjoy the opinion of Q1 Care. Background Boundaries in a therapeutic relationship are no boundaries that you can see like the yellow line on the highway telling you not to cross over the line in order to avoid danger. … Read more

Assistance That You Will Get in an NDIS Transport Support Service

NDIS Transport Providers Acacia Ridge

The NDIS transport service is developed for individuals with disabilities who wish to travel to nearby places conveniently. Generally, the support worker helps the participant reach the specified destination. The professional also helps them develop daily life and living skills with which they can travel without external support. Now, if you are a participant based … Read more

Intellectual Disability Disorder – Definition, Symptoms, Treatment

intellectual disability disorder

What is Intellectual Disability? It is a developmental disorder characterised by limitations in both intellectual functioning and adaptive behaviour, which covers many everyday social and practical skills. It originates before the age of 18 years. This definition was given by the American association of intellectual and developmental disabilities. It was formally known as mental retardation. … Read more

How to Support Disability in the Workplace?

support disability

Over 1 billion people around the globe live with some form of disability! Imagination Time: Let’s Assume! Imagine you are blind. Now with that disability, imagine getting ready for work in the morning, you must do your personal grooming, like shaving or putting on your makeup. You have to pick out your clothes and make … Read more