Becoming a Social Worker – Seven Things that you should Expect!

First, is to expect to work long hours, I think, regardless of whatever social work career that you go into as a social worker, because we’re meeting the needs of people, we have to meet people where they are, and that’s not in this clearly defined box of a nine to five job. Sometimes we have to work very early in the morning, or sometimes we have to work around the clock shifts, or sometimes we have to work well into the evening.

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Ten Early Signs of Autism

In one of our blogs, published in August 2022, we discussed the causes of autism. In this blog, we look at ten early signs of autism. This article will be useful to parents, professionals, students, and other members of the community. As a provider, Q1 Care is committed to providing professional support to NDIS participants in addition to providing educative information to the NDIS community. In this article, we shall discuss the early signs of autism, to better inform the wider Australian community.

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The NDIS requires professionalism in every aspect of the job, which will keep the integrity of the organisation intact. As professionals we are required to meet these expectations for our clients, our organisations, and other stakeholders in the community. Q1 Care has provided the following tips to facilitate professional service delivery in our community. Harassment … Read more

How To Maintain Professional Ethics In Our NDIS Roles (Part 1)

  In the NDIS work, professional ethics is a must! Professional ethics are at the core of the therapeutic relationship in disability or community services. Codes of ethics, help to define professional behavior in five major ways. First codes of ethics should define the core values on which our service is based. Second, the codes … Read more