Support services in Australia to help people with disabilities

Support services in Australia to help people with disabilities

For most people having a disability, ample support and assistance comes from friends and family. However, governments also come forth with a wide range of support services -both directly and indirectly. These dedicated support services by governments help individuals with disabilities. At the same time, you can also come across community and private centers offering … Read more

Top 6 ways how we can help people with disability

Top 6 ways how we can help people with disability

Disabilities in individuals are more common than you think. Improving awareness around disabilities and getting an understanding of the impact on the overall health and well-being is essential to create a highly inclusive society while helping people find resources they need. You can also reach out to professional personal carers in Chapel Hill to understand … Read more

How to Support Disability in the Workplace

Over 1 billion people around the globe live with some form of disability! Imagination Time: Let’s Assume! Imagine you are blind. Now with that disability, imagine getting ready for work in the morning, you must do your personal grooming, like shaving or putting on your makeup. You have to pick out your clothes and make … Read more

Empowering Disabled People Lead a Meaningful Life

Empowering disabled people lead a meaningful life

According to a recent study report, it is estimated that people having a disability continue leading a lonely life while experiencing social isolation and low perceived social support at significantly higher rates than people not having any disability. To bring about a change in the stigma, it is imperative for others to develop a collective … Read more

Providing Life Skills and Psychosocial well-being for people with disability

Providing life skills and psychosocial well-being for people with disability

  Life skills and the overall psychological well-being are crucial on personal success. However, learning as well as developing them can be particularly challenging for individuals having disabilities. Still, basic life skills and the overall psychological well-being of an adult with some physical disabilities are pivotal to live independently or even fully participate in any … Read more


What is Community Access?

Community access is the physical access to environments external to the home. It encompasses the travel to and from as well as the tasks performed in the community. This would include travel to and from clinics, to and from the doctor surgeries, and to and from the shops.

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