About us

About us

Living with a disability is a challenge and comes with issues of inequality, discrimination and injustice. At Q1 Care we believe society has a responsibility to treat all people with dignity and respect. Oftentimes, people with disabilities experience abuse and a violation of their human rights.
At Q1 Care we are passionate about delivering the best services possible so that every person we work for and with feels heard, able to access their rights and maximise their opportunities for a good life. 
Q1 Care is proud to work in this really important field and to promote the interests of people with disabilities.


To build a better society Q1 care is playing its role by helping  people with disabilities in their day to day activity, making them self sufficient so that they can be an important part of the society and can get their due rights and equal opportunities. Here are a few steps q1 care are taking to make the world a better place for everyone

Life skills development

At Q1 care we encourage and support our clients to be independent by creating different activities and programs that suit them. We try to establish independence and skill enhancing abilities for the disabled so that they can contribute to a better world.

Personal activities in daily life

With the help of our professional staff we assist our clients to perform their day to day tasks allowing them to make decisions in their best interest.

High intense daily activities

Q1 care provides assistance to our clients with various activities and daily chores.Our activities are personalized and are based on the needs of our clients.


Q1 care is a professional and dedicated organization, that  believes in equality and is striving to built a just and non discriminated society where every one is treated with the same respect and are given the same opportunities. Q1 care is the voice of many disabled people who not only are fighting their disability with courage and will power but are also struggling and facing this unjust society where they are deprived of their social, economical, political and civil rights.

We as an organization strive to change the society’s thinking that disabled people are a burden and useless part of our society. They are a part of our society and it’s our responsibilities to be their helping hands. With our expert and professional team members we off service and assistance to the disabled people and help them be independent and self sufficient so that they can be a part of our society and can contribute in building the society with us.

If you want to know more about our organization, you can reach us through the “Contact Us” link on this page.

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the lands on which we operate and respect elders, past, present and emerging as we work towards reconciliation.