Challenges of living with a Disability

Living with a disability comes with a set of challenges. It’s never easy, especially from a financial perspective. You become dependent on others. Even your daily chores that a normal person carries out on their own become a struggle. These people seek support from disability support services in Doolandella and nearby suburbs to learn the skills needed for independence. It’s definitely possible to live a rewarding life without being dependent on anyone. Let’s see how disability affects life.

Making Adjustments

People have a habit of taking things for granted. Our health is the perfect example. We don’t value it until it’s lost. Have you ever had an illness that exhausted you to the point that you missed the life you had before your body developed the illness? While living with a disability may seem like a tragedy, know that you aren’t alone. Millions of people have found ways to live with a disability. You can survive and thrive, too.

Its Impact on Your Life

That’s the most challenging part. Acknowledging that you won’t be able to execute your routine chores as usual can affect your mental health. Simple chores, like taking a shower, cooking meals, shopping, or working, might seem difficult. You may have to make certain adjustments to make your life easier. For example, hiring disability support in Doolandella is a big step toward being independent. It helps you achieve a sense of freedom. These care providers will look after you and help you with your daily chores the way you like. You can also show your capability by doing what you can do.


For someone with dementia or other mental health disorders, transportation is one of the biggest challenges. Teaching them where to catch a bus or the safest way to travel from their current location to the destination point can get really hectic.

If you are working for a company, you will need your own car or choose a mode of transportation that offers room for disabled people. This is especially important for those in wheelchairs. Besides that, work is often quite challenging for the disabled and the company that has hired them. They need to provide you with a safe environment, like a room downstairs if you can’t walk.

Difficulty Socializing

Being a part of a social community or volunteering for something you are passionate about can become another challenge when you are living with a disability. People can’t live with you 24/7. A  person with a disability, and without a job might feel lonely when there’s no one at home, or they can’t talk to people because of their condition. This transition from socializing every day to staying alone at home can be overwhelming. Getting live-in care seems the most reliable way to deal with this. Having someone who’s doing your chores and is available all the time to listen to you or just talk is a big relief.

No Limitation

Never let your disability limit what you can do as a useful  member of society. Rather, muster the strength and courage to  show  how capable you are in making society a better place. Do what you can, use the available support system and make no room for people’s jugdments!


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