Are your parents bored & Lonely At Home? Top 10 Ways to keep them Engaged &Happy

Change is constant &growing old is inevitable.If you are a working professional or lives away from your home, we can feel your concerns you have for your aging parents who might be moody, weak, emotional or disable owing to several health factors. Problems may vary from person to person but as the adage goes, every problem is born with solutions.  We have compiled some simple yet effective tips that will help your aging loved ones to achieve mental well-being.

  1. Set aside few hours in your daily schedules when you can give them undivided attention while listening to their stories and showing genuine interest in their lives.
  2. Help them find a new hobby. It can be as simple as learning instant messaging or using a mobile phone camera or gardening or painting. When they see themselves creating something new can give them immense joy.
  3. Cook for them or cook along with them. Bonding over food goes a long way in making people destressed and emotionally close to you. In case they cook a meal along with you, never forget to shower them with appreciation and compliments.
  4. Organise a get together at home. You can always invite their close friends, neighbours, acquaintances occasionally over a tea party. Listening to each other talk and catch up on each other lives help them deal with loneliness.
  5. Plan a trip with your aging loved ones to weekend getaway or simply take them for a long drive to museums, parks, or shopping malls, this will help them to break the monotony and get out from the house and enjoy themselves with the fresh vibe around.
  6. Get your parents enrolled in some Volunteering Organization, that is involved with social work, It will give them a sense of purpose and help them feel more connected to community and people around them.
  7. Seek Professional help. If you are looking for Home Care Providers in Richlands, you can contact Q1 Care. They have been helping their clients by providing the best licensed NDIS Registered Providers Richlands
  8. Take them to your relative’s place with whom they have not met over a long hiatus. It helps them in overcoming challenges together, relive their family values and inspire each other.
  9. Nourish their inner child. It makes them feel they are important. Play games like Video games, board games or simply hide & seek to cheer them up.
  10. Seek their advice on your personal & professional fronts. It might help you from mishaps or help you make better choices on money, career, romance and various other areas of your life.

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