Challenges faced by Families of people with disabilities

No one is prepared for the challenges life brings into a family having Children with disabilities. However, with the advent of every passing day, the entire family comes to terms with the lifestyle changes they have to make in order to make everyday living as comfortable as possible for their child or loved one. We list down some of the challenges that generally when identified early can help in keeping the family organised.

Financial Constraint: Raising a child with a disability can be expensive. Families may have to pay for medical bills, specialized equipment and therapy sessions which can strain their finances. Keeping an emergency fund is always a better idea for unforeseen expenses.

Emotional Stress : Caring for a disabled child can be emotionally draining and can lead to feeling of guilt, frustration and social isolation among the parents in the society.

Lack of Support: Families with children with disability may lack adequate support from friends, family members and the community, this can further make it difficult to access resources and support systems.

Access to Services: Families may facechallenges in accessing necessary services such as healthcare, education and transportation due to limited availability or affordability.

Educational Challenges: Children with disabilities may require specialized education, which can be difficult to access. Additionally, schools may not have the resources or trained staff to provide the necessary accommodation for differently abled children.

Stigma & Discrimination: Children with disabilities and their families may face discrimination and stigma in the society that can negatively impact their self-esteem, confidence, and mental health.

Physical Challenges: Depending on the nature of the disability, families may have to cope with physical challenges such as providing specialized care and assistance with daily tasks. To support such families in Australia Q1 Care is providing Disability Support Services in Richlands . They provide aged care, home care services along with transport assistance in and around Brisbane including Springfield, Inala, Doolandella, Richlands, Durack, Augustine Heights, Acacia Ridge region. If youknow anyone in your vicinity who have children or any member who needs Disability Support Services, feel free to reach their NDIS registered Caregivers.

Overall, families with disabled children face a range of challenges that require significant support, resources and advocacy to overcome. It is important for society to work towards creating more inclusive and support environments for children with disabilities and their families.

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