Empowering Disabled People Lead a Meaningful Life

According to a recent study report, it is estimated that people having a disability continue leading a lonely life while experiencing social isolation and low perceived social support at significantly higher rates than people not having any disability. To bring about a change in the stigma, it is imperative for others to develop a collective understanding while promoting respect for people having a disability. NDIS provider Springfield personal care services can help.

As a society, it depends on us to drive the change while shifting outdated perceptions around people
living with some disability. One of the best ways we can bring about a positive change is by empowering
any individual having a disability embrace their own sense of identity. You can seek professional help
from support workers in Acacia Ridge.

Simple Ways to Empower a Person with a Disability

  • Be Attentive of the Person First, Not the Disability: If you have not spent time with a person
    having some disability, it can turn out to be quite a confronting experience. You might be unsure
    about how you should best approach them while interacting with them for the first time. If you
    are facing issues with interaction in the first instance, try putting yourself in their shoes. How
    would you like to be treated?

As an individual, it is important to understand that people with a disability are just like us.

 They have their own individual identity
 They will also experience romantic relationships
 They will also possess the same emotions and feelings
 They will also have specific desires, goals, and dreams
 They will possess hobbies and personal interests

  • Ask Relevant Questions While Learning About the Person with the Disability: As you interact with a person having a disability, rather than being judgmental or making assumptions, you should ask them relevant questions. Take ample time to discover the individual with the disability. Some common questions can be:

 What will make them smile?
 What makes their day happier?

 What are they used to do and cannot do anymore?

  • Encourage Decision-making to Instill a Sense of Independence: Living life independently is of utmost importance to all. One of the best ways of empowering independence in people with a disability is by enabling them to take their own life decisions on a daily basis. Reputed NDIS registered provider in Middle Park offers the suggestion that providing SDM or Supported Decision-making is the best approach to improve their ability to make their decisions.

Whether they need to make a small or large decision, it is your responsibility to offer them individual rights to make all decisions about their lives, including:

 Where they wish to live
 Where they wish to work
 What they wish to do during the entire day
 What they like to wear
 Legal matters
 Relationship matters

With professional disability support in Richlands, you can empower people with a disability to lead a normal and healthy life.


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