Mental Health of People with Disability

If there’s something we learned from the COVID pandemic, it is how precious our life is. However, if you are someone with a disability, you already know how fragile our health is. Whether you have developed a problem due to an injury or it’s a mental illness, any form of disability affects your mental and physical health significantly. Fortunately, disability support services in Springfield are available for people concerned about its negative impact on their mental health. In this post, we will explore the relationship between your physical health and mental illness. Let’s take a look.

Relationship Between Your Disability and Mental Health

People with disabilities report mental distress five times more than an average person. This isn’t due to the disability itself, but lack of socializing, physical barriers, unemployment, lack of access to education, and stereotyping can cause significant stress, which may result in chronic mental health disorders. These adults tend to live below the poverty line because of the unemployment and high medical cost.

Even worse, these adults are at higher risk of getting suicidal thoughts. Then again, it isn’t the disability itself that leads to these complications, but their lack of involvement in community gatherings or participation in events makes them highly vulnerable to depression. The chronic stress that comes from living with a disability and the lack of employment and socialization can worsen the patient’s mental health condition.

The limited access to public transportation—especially for people in wheelchairs can make it really difficult for these people to travel. It’s also quite challenging to get a job at a company that accepts people with disability and provides a dedicated space for them to execute work in a safe environment. The worst part is the discrimination they face in public. Things that do not look toxic can have a very bad impact on the disabled person’s mental health. For instance, addressing them as the most courageous person, talking to their companions or caretakers, and neglecting them can negatively impact their mental health.

Difficulty in Getting Jobs

Working with disability services in Springfield seems the best option for people with disability. It’s easier to execute your daily chores with the help of caretakers. For example, showering, preparing your meals, planning your day, having someone to communicate with, and climbing the stairs up and down can be streamlined.

But what about your employment status? The reason for the increasing rate of unemployment among disabled people is simply that managers and HR teams have a misconception that people with disability are not as productive as normal people. Besides, they think the disabled workforce requires an expensive space to execute their work. Some states have made it mandatory to provide disabled people with flexible work timings and all the facilities they need to perform their routine work effectively.

This limits their participation in social activities and access to a job, public transportation, and other things that normal people can easily enjoy. All these things make it obvious that living with a disability comes with an increased risk of mental illnesses.

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