Nurturing the abilities of young people with disabilities


Life is more challenging with young people suffering from disabilities. With the advent of every passing day they face issues like social stigma, discrimination, abuse& social exclusion. This further leads to development of depression, low self-esteem, and isolation among the young people. It appears tough but it is not impossible to take charge of their lives by being their caregivers. Since it is not possible for the family members, friends to be always available for the loved ones facing disability, there is always a vacuum in their lives that can be fulfilled by a caring support provider.

A caregiver can have a profound impact on a young person suffering from any kind of disability. They can help them in multiple ways to keep them healthy, happy, and socially productive. It can be physically exhausting yet emotionally rewarding to opt for a career in providing disability support services. We are sharing some highly effective ways implemented by caregivers while taking care of a young adult.

  1. Preparing meals for them or cooking along with them can help a great deal in gaining knowledge about ensuring proper nutrition . Making their own food with little help can go a long way in instilling confidence among them.
  2. Assisting them with personal care & grooming can go a long way in instilling high self esteem and making them feel good about their outlook.
  3. By encouraging physical activities, the caregivers can help the patients in keeping themselves physically fit, helping them in perfecting everyday activities, reducing the risk of heart attack, strengthen bones and muscles and manage their weight.
  4. It is equally important for the care giver to spend time with affirming words and train the clients on positive self-talk. As it can further curb any kind of negative emotion that can keep barging in their mind space every now & then.
  5. The young disable adults must also be involved in running errands and travelling in public transport, once they have been trained by their NDIS Registered Caregivers. It is equally important for them to feel independent and take decisions that makes them happy and responsible.

Becoming a full time NDIS registered Caregiver is one of the options that can be explored by individuals passionate about social work. With their contribution they can help young disable people lead a life as normal as possible. If you are looking for Disability Support Acacia Ridge, Augustine Heights, Durrack, Springfield or Inala, you can contact Q1 care today. They provide some of the best NDIS registered provider to their clients across Australia.

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