Development of Life Skills

We are committed in assisting our clients navigate life skills that could make them useful members of society. Our focus is to provide competent staff with the requisite expertise in life skills development. It is expected that life skills will augment the psychosocial wellbeing of our clients.

Daily Personal Activities

At Q1 Care we seek to provide efficient services to meet the day-to-day activities on behalf of our clients. Personal activities that promotes the welfare of our clients is our priority.

High intense daily activities

Our clients have daily activities that require assistance. As a provider we are willing to arrange for the provision of high intense daily activities in creating a conducive environment for our clients. With the help of different varieties and types of daily activities we help and support the disable to improve and grow in their … Read more

Nursing and care

We provide support to our numerous clients in addressing various challenges in taking care of wounds and other physical injuries or health related matters. Our dedicated staff are well equipped and trained to provide the support to our clients in line with acceptable standards.

Travel Assistance

We are aware of the travel needs of our clients. We are efficient in providing transportation services to the clients who may need to move from one place to another. The safe and secure transportation of our clients remain our priority.

Daily Household Tasks

Our staff at Q1 Care Services are agreeable, experienced, and exceptionally gifted to help with

Participate Community

At Q1 Care, we are aware that our clients need to participate in the community through social groups that suit their circumstances. We facilitate the participation of our clients in social activities to promote their mental health and ensure their sense of belonging in the community. By allowing our clients participate in the community, we … Read more