Understanding Leprosy & its Treatment, Domestic Help in Oxley

Leprosy also known as the Hansen’s disease is infectious in nature and has been one of the oldest disease to have affected mankind. It primarily attacks the skin and nerves of the patient leading to deformity of the limbs and reddish skin. People suffering from the disease were outcasted from the society and were forced to live in isolation. People looking for Domestic Help in Oxley informed that in the olden days use to consider the diseases to be a curse and stayed away from people suffering from the same.

But the fact is leprosy is caused due to a bacteria called M.Laprae and in order to be transmitted a person will have to be in a long term close contact with a patient who has developed leprosy.

The modern science claims Leprosy is not totally a contagious ailment and can be cured with proper medication, provided once detected it is treated in its early phase itself. A multi drug treatment therapy is said to prevent infection from spreading after seventy two hours of treatment from the patient. There are claims that says that says any other herbal medicines or any other form of treatment is not affective in the long run.

Advanced medication has eradicated the ailment from many countries in the world, where leprosy has become a disease of the past but at the same time there are countries in Asia and South America and Africa where itscontinue to affect millions of people. There are several disabilities related to Leprosy, as it affects the nerves related to eyes, feet and hands. In most of the cases doctors try to reverse the effect of Leprosy with the help of steroids. Due to nerve damage the patient suffering from Leprosy have loss of sensation, muscle weakness  and paralysis. Some incredible work is being done by The Leprosy mission who provide free of cost treatment to patients suffering from the disease.

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