Disability Support Doolandella

Disability Support Doolandella

High Quality Disability Support Services in Doolandella

With years of experience to our credit and with a team of highly efficient and qualified experts, Q1 Care is the best name to offer NDIS disability support service in Doolandella. We offer the best possible focused support that helps the participants overcome their disability and lead a life of independence & dignity. Our high quality focused disability support in Doolandella makes us the best name. 

Custom Aged Care Support in Doolandella

When it comes to offer custom aged care support in Doolandella, Q1 Care stands out from the rest. Our highly customised, caring and passionate approach is all encompassing. It includes all that is needed by the participants to lead a dignified life, and meet their custom needs. Our support service includes maintenance of hygiene, medication, bowel support, catheter and other palliative care and support as and when required. Also, our Doolandella disability services would also include special care that helps the participants overcome their mental blockage and sense of neglect. 

Participant Centric Home Care Support in Doolandella

Our home care support in Doolandella is unique. We have specialists in our team, who would offer 24×7 as well as time bound services to the participants. Our home care support services help the participants enjoy the support and care that will help them lead a more or less normal life with whatever independence possible, given their age and physical condition. 

Holistic NDIS Support Service in Doolandella

When it comes to offering NDIS support services in Doolandella, we are equally competent. We help the participants to develop the basic life skills, and assist them to carry out their day to day activities. We also offer assistance to carry out high intensity daily activities. Hence, we are a one stop solution when it comes to providing disability support services in Doolandella.

NDIS Transport Assistance & Support Service in Doolandella

Q1 Care offers custom NDIS transport assistance & support service in Doolandella as well. Our services include helping the participants attend social and professional meetings and informal gatherings, visiting the doctor’s chambers for consultation & routine checkups, going shopping, and carrying out our community activities and the likes. 

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