Compassion in Disability

What does it mean to be compassionate? In a society where there are people with diverse mental and physical challenges, being compassionate is a great treasure that which brings hope to others experiencing difficulties. Compassion is understood as being moved by the suffering of others in such a way that you are triggered to help. … Read more

Empower the Disabled

Empowering the disabled is letting the disabled person feel important. Allowing the disabled person to make decisions where they can is a way of empowering them. Empowerment means not treating them differently and this means the need to embrace them as equal partners in the society, or the place of work. These three steps will … Read more

Societal Thinking

Being Disabled is a challenge, and the individual involved needs to have the resilience to go through the journey. Resilience could be built from within and without. The individual may have an inner strength that helps them to cope with their challenges. Externally, society is required to provide much-needed support for the disabled. Societal support … Read more