Be Professional, Be Effective, Do it right and keep moving!

As service providers, we have a call to duty that goes beyond calculating mere hours for our businesses. As a matter of fact, our principal call to duty is to meet the needs of our clients. Our clients have needs and this requires our commitment or dedication to make them satisfied. In my view, the satisfaction of the NDIS participant should always be the priority.

While we meet the needs of the clients and wish to satisfy them in every sense, let us be reminded that we have policies and compliance requirements that guide our roles. In other words, let us be guided by the need to be professionals while meeting the needs of the valued participants/clients. Meeting the needs of the participants without being a true professional is counterproductive because at the end of the
day, you will be out of business when you are in the wrong!

Here is my take: Be professional while you meet and satisfy the needs of the NDIS participant. Professional service delivery is a win–win that
will build the credibility of your business to all stakeholders in the business environment.

Be Professional, be Effective, do it right and keep moving!

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