Community Access for Disabled Persons

Community access for disabled persons is a necessary for the recovery, rehabilitation and sense of belonging of the disabled. The challenges that come with disability create an internal atmosphere of discomfort and impossibilities which could lead to depression and other negative emotions. Remember, The Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth) (DDA) clearly speaks against discriminating toward persons with disability when providing goods, services or facilities, or access to public premises. This suggests that by law, disabled persons should have access to public premises or the community as and when they desire. Keeping disabled persons in the wheelchair and closed indoors is tantamount to a prison sentence and this is inhumane and un acceptable. At Q1 Care, we are aware of the benefits of living “outside the box” and the need for supporting clients in their quest for a relief and comfort through community access at all times.

Disability Care Services

Let us Face Reality

Consider a situation where you can freely move in the community and have a feel of the parks, basketball courts and tennis courts. This could be a normal way of life for many and it is often taken for granted. However, in a world where there is inequity, some people are not free to make decisions regarding where they go and when. There is a form of isolation which disabled persons experience that requires our intervention and support. There is health, relief and a sound mind when persons are allowed to explore the natural environment.

Almost 3 million Australians with disability are experiencing social barriers, isolation and exclusion

The Decision is Theirs

First, disabled persons are offered the choice to decide on areas in the community that they may want to explore. As long as it is possible, is important that persons with disability make decisions were appropriate, about the things they may want to do. Allowing clients to be independent in making decisions is a way to empowerment and recovery. Sight scenes around beaches, theme parks, museums are potential destination areas that excites our clients.

Disability Care

Community Access at Q1 Care:

We do provide access to places such as shops, cafes, restaurants, banks, cinemas, theatres and sporting venues. As a professional organisation, we aware that there are nationally binding legal requirements for public premises to be equipped for disabled persons to have access. Our staff will ensure that only public premises that are disability friendly could be utilized by our clients.

How to Provide Access for Disabled Persons!

  • Provide signage for persons with disability
  • Keep the environment safe and free from danger
  • Designated parking spaces for persons with disability
  • Provide easy access to equipment such as lift buttons and EFTPOS
  • Accessible path of travel should lead to public toilets or bathrooms
  • Above all provide support to disabled persons making sure they are safe throughout their community access journey.

For more information on community access programs please contact Q1 Care on: 0422092091 and our friendly professional support workers will provide the much-needed services for you

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