Support services in Australia to help people with disabilities

For most people having a disability, ample support and assistance comes from friends and family. However, governments also come forth with a wide range of support services -both directly and indirectly. These dedicated support services by governments help individuals with disabilities. At the same time, you can also come across community and private centers offering access to major resources in this context. If you wish to support an individual with some disability, you can reach out to professional personal carers in Chapel Hill for maximum assistance.

In addition to relevant support and disability-specific services, the private, community, and government organizations also offer access to a range of mainstream services -like health services. Some of the best support services in Australia that are committed to helping individuals with disabilities are:

  • NDIS or National Disability Insurance Scheme: For most individuals, NDIS serves to be the primary source of support while living with a disability. To offer assistance, you can reach out to a reputed NDIS provider Springfield personal care service. Development of a detailed NDIS plan can help such individuals with day-to-day care. It also helps in accessing support services for both occasional and daily physical tasks.
  • Disability Gateway: This support group is responsible for connecting individuals with disabilities with a wide range of services in a specific area. They provide detailed information as well as support to people having disabilities, carers, and the respective families. They also offer important information on housing, health, day-to-day living, transport, and employment.
  • Medicare: Medicare serves to be the universal healthcare system of Australia. It helps in managing the overall costs of consulting a doctor, getting access to general health care, and even buying medicines. You can search for a dedicated health service on a health direct website to come across a healthcare professional in your area.
  • National Relay Service: If someone is deaf or struggle with speaking or listening to people using
    a phone, you can reach out to NRS or National Relay Service to seek help. It is initially required
    to register the individual on the NRS to start seeking its services.

Additional Support Services: There are different types of physical support services that are available to offer help to individuals with disabilities. Some of them are:

  • Veteran’s Home Care to help veterans with day-to-day tasks like cleaning, ironing, personal care, washing, and even home modifications.
  • Myagedcare to help elderly citizens with day-to-day tasks like cooking, cleaning, personal care, and home modifications.
  • Meals on Wheels to deliver healthy meals to the homes of people with disabilities while also offering companionship and wellness checks.

There are various types of state as well as territory services for people with disabilities as well. Every state provides access to different support and services. The state or territory government in a specific area can refer the individual to services closest to where the person resides. There are several ways to help a person with disability in Australia. Seek professional help!


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