Top 10 ways to deal with emotional needs of children with Disabilities

Provide a safe and inclusive environment: Create an environment that accommodates the child’s disability and promotes their emotional well-being. Adapt the physical space, offer assistive devices, and ensure accessibility to encourage their participation and independence.

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As we approach the 2024 Paralympic games, let us have a look at Inclusive sports! Persons with disability should be allowed to participate in sports/games of their choice. This is called inclusive sport. Inclusive sports are an important way to ensure that individuals with disabilities have the same opportunities as everyone else to participate in … Read more

Shedding Light on Depression!

Depression is a mental health issue, and it is not a normal consequence of aging. It is common, but it is not normal. And it’s important for all of us to know that the prevalence, meaning how many people in this group experiencing anywhere from one to 50%, probably on the higher end, depending on the studies on how to measure it, and what it can also be due to. So going from working to retirement, losing a spouse, losing a child, all those things are really can impact depression.

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Ten Early Signs of Autism

In one of our blogs, published in August 2022, we discussed the causes of autism. In this blog, we look at ten early signs of autism. This article will be useful to parents, professionals, students, and other members of the community. As a provider, Q1 Care is committed to providing professional support to NDIS participants in addition to providing educative information to the NDIS community. In this article, we shall discuss the early signs of autism, to better inform the wider Australian community.

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